The sixth international League of Legends All-Star event is heading to Las Vegas. 64 players will be in attendance (Two pro players from each competitive region, voted in by fans. Two-Three League partners from each region and four pro players invited after the conclusion of the fan vote) to compete in a series of different challenges and events.

Tournament Format

1v1 Tournament:

Single elimination bracket with all 32 pro players.

Charity 2v2 Tournament:

Pro players are paired with league partners. Pairs face off against each other for charitable donations to a cause of their choosing.

Regional Rivalry Show Matches:

Both pro players and league partners participate. The match-ups for the show matches include NA vs EU and CN vs KR.

East vs West All-Star Showdown:

Only pro players compete in a Best-of-Three series, with players rotating out after each game in the series.