CBLOL is the premier League of Legends league in Brazil. 

The League consists of two seasons, this being the summer season where the top 5 placed from the summer season, the 1st of the previous Challenger Circuit season and the two qualifying teams from the Winter Promotion series will play in a double Round Robin regular season that leads into playoffs where the team that is to represent Brazil in the upcoming 2018 MSI Play Ins is decided.

Tournament Format


Two Best-of-Five series, the winner of each match qualify for the regular season.

Regular Season

Double round robin regular season with best-of-two series.

Top 4 teams qualify for playoffs

The 6th and 7th place goes to the 2018 Summer Promotion Series to fight to retain the spot in 2018 CBLOL Summer Season

8th Team gets auto-relegated.


Best-of-Five Singe Elimination bracket.