The Turkish champions league is the premier league in turkish League Of Legends esports and it follows the same format as all the official leagues around the globe with a qualifier, regular season and a playoffs stage.

The teams participating in the TCL Winter 2018 is the top 5 placing teams from last years Summer season and the top team from challenger as well as the two victorious teams out of the qualifiers.

The champion of TCL Winter will be playing in the 2018 MSI play-in tournament.

Tournament Format


The highest placing team out of the two TCL teams will be deciding their opponent from challenger and the other two teams will face eachother, both matches are Best-of-five and the winner from each match will compete in the regular season.

Regular Season

Double round robin group stage with best-of-two matches.

Top 6 moves on to playoffs, the first and second place team gets seeded into the semi-finals

8th placing team gets auto relegates.

7th placing team goes to qualifiers in the next season to defend their spot.


All matches are best-of-five, after the first round the teams get re-seeded so the lowest placing team in the regular season faces the top seed in semi-finals.

The losers of the first round will be playing another match, the loser of that match will be going to qualifiers in the next season to defend their spot.