European Masters Spring is an international tournament that ties the European National Leagues together. Featuring the best placing teams of all the official national leagues.

Although all of the teams competing are from the European Region the EU Masters follows the same format as the MSI and Worlds with a play-in stage for the lower tier teams to have a chance to qualify for the group stage which in turn is followed by the playoffs which crowns the winner of the European Masters.

The event is organized by Riot Games and ESL and will be played online and offline.

Tournament Format

Play-In Group Stage

Seven teams are invited.

Round robin group stage with best-of-one series.

The winner of the stage moves on to the group stage of the main event.

The second to fifth team moves on to the play-in playoffs.

Play-In Playoffs

Single elimination qualifying series.

Series are best-of-three.

Winner of each series moves on to the main event group stage.

Group Stage

The teams are drawn into four groups.

Each groups are single round robin group stages with best-of-one series.

Top two from each group moves on to the playoffs.


Single elimination bracket.

Best-of-three quarter finals.

Best-of-five semifinals and finals.