Rift Rivals is an international tournament that is split up into different tournaments. The Rift Rivals is a response for the community's want for more international events yet its not as grandiose and taxing on the players as MSI and Worlds since it is only close by regions that will be competing among each other.

This is the NA vs EU Rift Rival where the winning region will claim that it is indeed better than the other and the losing region will say that it doesn't count since it is not the World Championship.

The tournament will be hosted in Los Angeles, CA in the USA in the Riot North American Studios.

Tournament Format

Alongside the main event, there will be Showmatches being played.

Group Stage

All matches are best-of-one.

The EU teams play the NA teams.


The final is a Best-of-five relay race.

All the teams will have to have played a match in the first three matches.

The region that gained the most points in the group stage will be able to see which team that will be playing in the first three matches, giving them the chance to gain favorable match-ups.

In the last two matches, the teams will be revealed at the same time.