Ultraliga is the domestic league that qualifies polish national teams to the European Masters. The regular season is played online and features eight teams and it's split into two stages. With the first one being a round robin with all of the eight teams.

For the second stage the teams are divided into the Master Stage and Relegation Stage with the top four in the masters and the bottom four in the relegation stage. While the bottom stage is called relegation stage, the top two of the four teams will still be playing in the playoffs but the top two teams in the Master Stage will be seeded into the semifinals in the playoffs, a luxury the relegation stage teams cannot achieve.

Tournament Format

Stage 1

Double round robin group stage.

Matches are best-of-one.

Top four moves to Master Stage.

Bottom four moves to Relegation Stage.

Stage 2

Two double round robin group stage with four teams in each.

Top two from Master Stage moves on to the playoffs semifinals

Bottom two of the Master Stage moves on to the playoffs quarterfinals.

Top two from the Relegation Stage moves on to the playoffs quarterfinals.


Single elimination bracket with best-of-five series.

Teams will be reseeded after the quarter finals.