League of Legends Pro League is the regional tournament of China, organized by Tencent Games. The tournament goes on from June 10th to August 14th. 17 teams from the region will compete with each other and take a bigger share of that $634,000 prize pool. 

Starting with a single round robin, the format looks like no other regional League of Legends tournament when it comes to the playoffs. The latter feature king-of-the-hill format, which means that:

  • 3rd - 10th seeded teams from Group Stage are divided into two brackets to play a King-of-the-Hill format;

  • 3rd, 6th, 7th and 10th seed are in one bracket (the first bracket), the other 4 seeds are in the other;

  • the winners advance to Phase Two.

Here all the matches are in best-of-5 format, starting from Playoffs. The venue is the Xi'an Qujiang E-sports Center. Teams that don't have a home venue, play their games at the Hongqiao World IE Hub.