PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the famous BR game for both professional and non-professional gamers, has a diverse set of in-game cosmetics. There are PUBG outfits released regularly in the game’s store and people can have collections of the best PUBG skins of all time with limited offers. We’ll look at the top 10 choices with our overview, to see which one is the rarest or the most attractive.

But before we dive in, let’s first figure out how to actually obtain a skin in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds?

First, you can customize your skins in the weapons menu. To obtain skins, you might want to turn towards the in-game purchase. The crates might be a bit expensive, but beautifully designed outfits might be worth it. On the other hand, if you do not like your skin, you can sell it through Steam and maybe someone on the other end of the world will find it an interesting deal, in case of course, you put it with a decent price tag. Besides, you can earn different rewards, including PUBG skins, via in-game challenges.

PUBG Character Clothing Customization

In many games similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the users are granted the choice to change the appearance of the model they are controlling in the game. This means that they can transform themselves into a movie villain, a city savior, an average NPC or just a famous showbiz star. It means that the famous character is being cloned to fit the graphics and visual aesthetics in general of the battle royale you’ve logged into. In the case of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, it is a bit different. You use the clothing for a pre-taken character. You can play as a male or female warrior, who has the best PUBG outfits available. This means that the top, bottom, shoes, headwear and accessories are replaceable on your character. Thus, there is enough room for imagination, if you wish. Pair those trendy items together, and you are good to go!

Floral Shirt

Best PUBG outfits of all time

One of the best outfits in the game is the Floral Shirt. It is best to wear now, as springtime has hit the streets. A simple but at the same time attractive wearable that suits both male and female characters saves the day with a tasteful variety of this PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds clothing.

Rabbit Set

Best PUBG outfits of all time

Fancy a Rabbit look for the Spring? Then this is the perfect outfit, considered to be one of the best PUBG skins of all time. Rabbit set is always a cute choice for those who want a smooth looking mascot with matching colors to your weaponry. Bunny outfits are trendy not only in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds but also in other shooting and BR games.

Forest Elf Set

Best PUBG outfits of all time

Forest Elves, the mystical creatures found in many games with modern and medieval looks, add their own aura when added as in-game characters or skins even in BR games of our time. The color combo of pink and green gives you a better understanding of the design aesthetics. Perhaps this look is better during end-zone fights. The collection has some links to ghillie suits, but the designers did a good job to present the two items separately.

Chengzi’s set

Best PUBG outfits of all time

It is time for a crossover skin and we’re bringing Chengzi's set next to remind that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has a massive Chinese fanbase. The skins from Chengzi collection have 3 main styles. The most popular is hoodie-and-shorts skin in black and orange (looks like an ideal gift for a Fnatic fan, no?). The hoodie goes well with other bottoms too, such as jeans or sports trousers. The other 2 outfits include Galaxy and Japanese themes. 

Harley Quinn set

Best PUBG outfits of all time

Crossovers are making video games more interesting when talkung about the content. The next PUBG outfit shows the Harley Quinn look with her fancy couple of ponytails, her white shirt and jeans, as well as the backpack. Harley is the favorite of many. Her hysterical laughter and humorous voice lines put the skin in the list of best PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds clothing. Her male variation, Joker, is not made in his most exciting style, so Harley at least serves her best in the aspect of the appearance.

Black School Uniform

Best PUBG outfits of all time

Want to stand out in a common outfit made right? Check out the black school uniform, which is simply a costume with a skirt in black. It brings back the memories of those school days when everybody had to look the same in the outfits. The skin was presented over 2 years ago, but still it is considered to be one of the best skins available in the game.

Doomsday Hoodie

Best PUBG outfits of all time

The exclusive PUBG jacket is a non-tradeable outfit that was released first in Germany. It was once a part of the Wasteland collection which had outstanding picks for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds characters. The bloody skin is a good way to give your tribute to the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 event. If you do not like to have a hoodie on, the outfit can be combined with a bandana instead. Anyway, it is not a common skin, so expect it to be sold within 3-digit price range. Hopefully, the developers will bring in more content like this in future updates, as the community liked the design of Doomsday Hoodie a lot.

Reaper Mask

Best PUBG outfits of all time

An item that is usually popping up on various video game characters, is the skull mask. In PUBG it is called the Reaper mask. It is kind of scary if you look at it for a long time, but at the same time this wearable is cool enough to be placed in our list of decent PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds clothing. The mask was once again granted to the users that obtained tickets to the international PUBG Global Invitational. As it was coming within an event, the rarity is just immeasurable. Available since July 29th, this item was a part of several-day celebrations of the global event. It is rumored that last year the discounted pricing of Reaper mask was something under 600 US dollars.

Ivory School Uniform set

Best PUBG outfits of all time

If you want a really outstanding PUBG clothing that is on the same level as the best PUBG skins, then looking at the Ivory School Uniform set is the right thing to do. It comes in 2 variations, both for male and female characters. The outfit looks better when used with darker elements or to preserve the whole bright aura you can also pair it with white accessories. It is the lighter variation of Black School Outfit and it comes with a bright blue undershirt.

PlayerUnknown’s Outfit

Best PUBG outfits of all time

And now, it is time to glance at the best PUBG outfit out there. Welcome PlayerUnknown’s coat, an outfit paired with brown trousers and a hoodie. This is the signature skin of the game. The epic skin could be obtained if you preordered the game. It is a classy look that will look bold on your character despite the season. Another way to obtain this skin is through purchase. But taking into account the rarity of the skin, one has to pay a huge amount of money to boast about the ownership of the craziest outfit of the game. It is usually set on the same level of rarity as the pioneer shirt skin, made available through the early access of the title either after the first major update 1.0.

A final tip — do not forget to constantly check out Steam deals and in-game stores in order to get the most beautiful of the available skins of your choice. Be attentive to PUBG Esports events too, as during the most important events KRAFTON gives away precious collections to celebrate the matter with fans.