Battle royale games have been around for a long time. They pop up here and there as a separate mods for different competitive titles or even as a standalone game The principle of battle royale games is simple, it is a massive battle of dozens or even hundreds of players across a map that is getting smaller over time. It gradually became the favorite game mode of many streamers, pro gamers and content creators, who look to have a quick but enjoyable session in the game they picked. Below we discuss top 10 battle royal games, their specifications and current state.

What is a battle royale game?

Imagine you are on a shrinking piece of land and need to make it out of the area as the only survivor. This simple rule is the base of almost every battle royale game. Some games include driving and shooting mechanics in order to help you become the only one left on the map. That is why you can often see battle royale game mode in shooter games. These games limit the time and space you can use in order to complete your task, that’s why they are more challenging at first sight. But once you get used to the flow of top 10 battle royale games, you’ll see how addictive they become due to their variable pace. With that in mind, let’s see what are some highly appreciated games that either are battle royales, or include the game mode. Be prepared, as we have some very unexpected genres covered.

Top 10 Battle Royale Games List

10. Super Animal Royale

Top 10 Battle Royale Games List

A 64-player battle royale game is a top-down shooter, which starts with a usual flight over the world map, during which players can choose to jump and drop down in the desired area of the game’s world. There you loot and shoot to survive and to get to the center of the retracting map. 

The game can be played in single, two-player or multiplayer regimes, which are available from the very beginning of the game. Like other battle royales, Super Animal Royale offers different sets of weapons, divided in 2 main types. There are close combat guns and open field guns. These can be found while looting the buildings scattered around the map. Each character has 105 hp. While wounded, there are some ways to generate health and replenish it over time. The process is noisy, so the enemies can hear you and rush to shoot you down. 

Apart from the guns, there are also armor types which will help you survive the enemy bullets. When you are in a relatively peaceful area, you might want to repair your armor. This is done by the help of supertapes. The latter are items which can be used to restore your defense. As they are not something easy to find on the map, players tend to save them for the end-game repair process. At this stage they will be able to restore more damage than the tiny amount of armor loss at the beginning of the game, when everyone has basic weapons. An important thing to remember about weapons is that the more game goes on, the more advanced weapons can be found. The latter shoot faster and have higher damage dealing ability than the beginner's arsenal.

9. Tetris 99

Top 10 Battle Royale Games List

Have you ever thought that the legendary game everyone knows about has a battle royale mode? We're talking about Tetris 99. As the title hints, there are 99 opponents on the server like you who try to earn the highest points in this Tetris variation. There is a time limit, as the area gets smaller and smaller, where you can build your full row of bricks and remove every line that does not have an empty square in the result of the construction. There are tetris tournaments, such as Tetris 99 Cup that takes place yearly.

8. Naraka: Bladepoint

Top 10 Battle Royale Games List

The melee combat game, inspired by Soul Calibur and other similar fighting games, has become one of the prettiest medieval BRs, with dynamic gameplay, beautiful terrain and 7 unique heroes. Melee and air combat are the main mechanics here. There are also crossbows that are harder to dodge from. The heroes have their own abilities, with tanky stats or stealthy movement. Players sometimes complain about the in-game bots. It often takes too long before they meet a real person playing online, according to many users. 24 Entertainment’s game is for 60 concurrent players for one lobby, but it is yet to find the usual massive battle royale audience for itself.

7. Spellbreak

Top 10 Battle Royale Games List

A unique battle royale-inspired game that enables the use of magic. Spell shields, health regen and much more is done through spells, as you can guess from the name. The game is free-to-play and includes cross-play functions. The updates have been around for some time, even though lately there were no news from the developers. Most importantly, the game does not include pay-to-win elements and has a beautiful overall design. 

The indie-game developer wanted to make this an elemental-based magic fight, but over time they've added the spells and more classes to choose from. What is more, Proletariat made live streams of its developers working on the game. At the start, it had 8 out of 10 rating by IGN. The creators even showed the roadmap in the release year, but the content for the game is really scarce in 2022. Unfortunately, the developer is in financial debt and is having a hard time paying them off, which means that there won’t be any big patches coming soon in this title. However, the early success of the game has put it in our list of top 10 battle royale games. 

6. Forza Horizon 4 Eliminator Mode

Top 10 Battle Royale Games List

Just like many elimination game modes of racing sims, Forza Horizon 4 also includes a battle-royale type of competition. This mode was announced by the end of 2019 and is still one of the options in the game.

72 players can join the lobby. In order to win, you have to be the last one alive after going through many laps. You can find the game mode on the pause menu. The lobby forcec the players to use cars with similar power level which means that you cannot pick any vehicle and dive straight into the elimination mode. The games last 15 to 20 minutes, as the map gets slowly restricted in its vast areas. When your opponent is eliminated, you can take their car, if it is a better choice at that point of time. 

There are also car drops that appear here and there over the map. When there are just 10 cars left in the competition, the timer gets prolonged and the showdown race begins. This means that if you are already in top 10, you do not get eliminated, but rather earn your spot, from 1st to 10th places. At this point you are supposed to have a medium to high level upgraded vehicle, in order to be placed higher in the last run from the valley to the city.

5. Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Top 10 Battle Royale Games List

A massively multiplayer game with party mode and up to 60 players is a challenging and vibrant competition, where you choose an avatar and roam through obstacles to be the last one reaching the destination to be crowned the champion. All of the characters are the same, they are just different in appearance. All you have to do is to run, jump, stick to the moving objects or push them onto the desired direction. This game was created by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital. It was released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 on 4 August 2020.

In general, this is a fun game with a lot of fun and still frustrating moments like when opponents do not let you accomplish your goal, as the surfaces are tight and tiny and cannot hold many characters at a time. Spinners, closed doors, movable objects, gravity-defined movements and hilarious rules are the base of this battle royale title. 2 years on, it is still in the top 10 battle royale games list with all of the mind-blowing and puzzly obstacles. If you are eliminated from the game by falling from the surface or not reaching the finish line on time, you’ll have the option to spectate how others compete or just leave the lobby.

4. Call of Duty: Warzone

Top 10 Battle Royale Games List

Call of Duty: Warzone has 2 main gameplay modes — battle royale and plunder. The first one is a 150-player lobby, where the operators shoot their guns at each other to see who remains the last on the massive map of the mode. Unlike other battle royales, when you are eliminated in Warzone, you are not considered as a loser, but rather fall into the Gulag, where you need to redeploy by winning a 1vs1 shootout. The in-game shop has plenty of stuff to offer: you can buy redeployment tokens to revive your allies, purchase kits to stay longer in the battle, as well as various important items. In the plunder mode, you mostly want to loot the areas you explore and fulfill your tasks in that way. Despite being rather late to the battle royale party of Fortnite and PUBG, Warzone is one of the most popular games out there now.


Top 10 Battle Royale Games List


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most famous and successful battle royale games that is available in PC, mobile and consoles. The lobby of PUBG includes up to 100 players, who go head to head to decide who is the last man standing after the continuous loot and shoot scenarios. 

Once you land on the ground with your parachute, the very first thing you need to do is to find resources to survive. Those can be items, armor, weapons, off road vehicles etc. Keep in mind that the loot drops randomly. However, the quantity depends on whether there is more or less danger, such as the opponents surrounding you. With the handful of weapons, there are some tactics to use with each one of them. For example, if you found a shotgun, you better stick to the short-range combat, while with the 8x scope and rifle in your hand it is a great choice to hide yourself on the hills and target the enemies from distance. Some minutes later, the area on the map gradually shrinks, limiting the chance to avoid clashes. This is when you need to be ready to face experienced opponents who survived earlier combats and compete to stay on the map last. Make sure to also use the vehicles spawning in different areas of the map: from boats to city cars and motorbikes.

2. Fortnite

Top 10 Battle Royale Games List

Number two in our top 10 battle royale games list is Fortnite. The latter is similar to PUBG in many aspects. It offers various events nearly every month, has a massive in-game cosmetics shop, where the best and worst Fortnite skins are available. 

Created by Epic Games, Fortnite throws you into a world of building, looting, shooting and surviving. Originally, this was a PvE game about surviving with your 4-player team with battle royale as an extra mode. However, later on the extra addition became much more popular than the original mode. The colorful map of Fortnite has a lot to offer, from big trees, buildings and areas to deconstruct and rebuild. It offers slightly more complex mechanics than PUBG, because of the building options available for each character. Besides, the game is a media phenomenon that saw many celebrities collaborating with it. 

1. Apex Legends

Top 10 Battle Royale Games List

 The list of top 10 battle royale games concludes with Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends placed above all. The game is based on Titanfall. It is a FPS title, made by Jason West and Vince Zampella. These two developers left Activision Blizzard in 2010 and later appeared in Respawn, in a partnership with EA. 

Apex offers refined graphics and animations that make the salt and pepper of every battle royale game. Players have the option to run up the walls and even do double jumps, speaking about a couple of tricks.

The free-to-play game includes 20 unique agents, called Legends, who have their own abilities and use them to be the last man standing on the planet. Most importantly, the game has a team deathmatch version of 3v3 clash, with points distribution system. The game is available for Xbox Series One/X/S, Playstation 4/5, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows devices, with soon to be released mobile versions.