Competitive Call of Duty stands out with it's beautifully designed maps, weapons, and, of course, operator skins. They do create the aura of a real team takedown operation and also give the players a chance to express themselves a bit more. There have been plenty of additions throughout the existence of the series, and now we are presenting the top 10 best Call of Duty: Warzone Operator Skins. 

Top 10 Best Operator Skins in Warzone

Have you ever seen someone with a cool appearance model while playing Call of Duty Warzone online and wanted to own one? Well, there are ways to obtain the best Warzone skins. Basically, the best Call of Duty Warzone skins can be acquired through the store, the Battle Pass and tasks menu. If you have any operators in your Modern Warfare account, you will automatically get them in Warzone too. It is time to look at better choices rather than the default skin granted to every starter, and here are the best ones. 

10. Night Fang – Grinch 

Top10 best Call of Duty Warzone operator skins

Top 10th skin that can be obtained from the store is Nightfang Grinch. The skin is both scary and sneaky. The holiday-horror appearance is good especially when Halloween is around the corner, but you can have it in your storage on regular days too. It is perfect to hide your sniper in the bushes and stay unnoticed, as any operator would try to be. Not only it's clothes, but the mask too will frighten the enemies for a second — and this might be enough time to shoot them down and move on. This bundle is one of the oldest that used to cost 2 400 points. Still a good choice if your character's play style suits the appearance of Grinch.

9. Dreadwood — Ghost

Top10 best Call of Duty Warzone operator skins

Ghost is one of the favorite operators of the Call of Duty community. Dreadwood version also haunts with it's appearance, but has less coverage of the body than the above-mentioned Night Fang Grinch skin from Asanbosam Bundle. The mask is also less frightening this time. However, the story of this operator is not fun at all. He was executed by General Shepard. So this skin is a tribute to the in-game character with tragic death upon betrayal. The skin can be obtained through the legendary Ghost Pack: Oil Rig. Even though Ghost was killed with .44 Magnum, he is not taking extra damage while being shot at with it.

8. Bloodletter — Nikto

Top10 best Call of Duty Warzone operator skins

Modern Warfare’s full of iconic faces. One of them is Nikto, who appeared in the game as an Allegiance operator. The character has been tormented by a Mr. Z, while serving as an FSB Agent. He was reassigned to the Special Forces and is now in both Modern Warfare and Warzone. To obtain him, players should explore the Spetsnaz Section of the Allegiance Bundle. It costs 2 400 COD Points. He has a skin, a knife, a watch, an emblem, a calling card and other interesting details available within the bundle. Nikto might be no one, but the community liked the character’s lore as advertised by CoD developers.

7. Carbon Sentinel — Stitch

Top10 best Call of Duty Warzone operator skins

Carbon Sentinel, a Stitch operator skin, is available in MP mode of Black Ops Cold War. He was unlockable through the Season One Battle Pass. His Legendary skin is a reward for the 100th level. You can notice that Stitch's left eye is missing. He lost it in 1968, when he was captured. Forcefully sent to the Gulag, Stitch had to obey Perseus, to later come back to Rebirth Island on duty with his command. He is available also with Gilded Age III Pro Pack, costing 20.

6. Morte — Billy

Top10 best Call of Duty Warzone operator skins

When you look at the freaky skin line of the best Call of Duty: Warzone operators, the collaboration with SAW just could not stay in the shade. The skin is as haunting as the doll that wants to play some games with you. For some, he might be looking too cartoonish and not worth the points spent to obtain the skin, but it is always interesting to see various collaborations of non-game characters and COD. He was made available for purchase in 2021 October, with the Game Over bundle. Of course he has items just as scary as in SAW. The bundle includes: 

  • CR 56 AMAX- Confession;

  • Knife- Phlebotomist;

  • Parachute- Spiral;

  • Charm- Let's Play a Game;

  • Spray- The Choice is Yours;

  • Calling Card- SAW;

  • Cargo Truck- Pain Train;

  • Sticker- Play Me;

  • Morte- Billy;

  • Chopper- Rules of the Game.

   5. Rook — Roze

Top10 best Call of Duty Warzone operator skins

Rook Roze is one of the controversial skins of the Modern Warfare version of Call of Duty. Players complained that the character’s appearance is simply too dark, so when she's hidden in dark places, it is nearly impossible to discover her, not even when getting closer. Moreover, the character is quite toxic with some offensive voice lines that never sound good especially when you are frustrated about not being able to find her. On the other hand, the Tom Veil version is a better choice, if the shady mask is not enjoyable for you. To obtain the skin, you needed to go through Season 5 battle pass. 

4․ Metal Phantom — Mace

Top10 best Call of Duty Warzone operator skins

Now, one of the most iconic faces of Modern Warfare, and also COD: Mobile is available at 2400 CoD points or 20$. Mace was known as a Jackals Operator, with African-American origins. He's also an ex-ranger from the United States. He finished his training in Africa and has those scars on his skin as a part of the tradition. His bundle also includes emblem, finishing move, knife blueprint and more.

3. Near Dark — Roze

Top10 best Call of Duty Warzone operator skins

Roze’s Near Dark is one of the rarest Warzone skins that had a couple of ways to activate. First, it was through a mission to blind opponents with Flash and get 3 Guns with Roze. The first mission could be completed in Modern Warfare and the second — in Warzone.

2. Notice — Mara

Top10 best Call of Duty Warzone operator skins

Notice Mara skin, available for Modern Warfare and Warzone, is also one of the rarest in-game models. The bundle costs 2 400 points. It has been in the game since 2019. The skin can be acquired through co-op or multiplayer mode in the Multiplier Challenges window. Her white outfit and cat-eared helmet made her one of the cutest operators of the game.

1. Azrael — Ghost

Top10 best Call of Duty Warzone operator skins

Finally, the top 1 of the best Call of Duty Wazone operator skins list is Azrael Ghost. It is the reaper-inspired model that was available through Trick or Treat crates, made exclusively for Halloween. The legendary skin cost was 2 400 COD points. It was available with The Haunting of Verdansk event. Fans love the skull-themed operators, don’t they? Azrael has both the elegant and horror look with the hoodie and gun in his hands. 


Summing all up, the best Call of Duty: Warzone skins are Halloween-themed. They are available through various bundles, but only for brief periods. Mostly you can find those around the October events. Most importantly, skins are not only limited to one version of the game, but multiple titles: Modern Warfare, BOCW and Warzone. Anyway, Activision updates their operator skin pool and you can always check out the game’s store for the best Warzone skins and bundles.


Q: What is the rarest skin in Warzone?

A: Near Dark Roze is the Rarest skin. It was available with Roze’s other appearances in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Q: How to get the Warzone Skin?

A: It all depends on the skin you're looking for. Most of them are available through the in-game store, Battle Passes or different challenges. For example, to get cat-eared Mara in Warzone one needs to buy the Mara Kawaii Cat bundle for 2400 COD Points.

Q: Which is the best Warzone skin?

A: Azrael Ghost is the rarest and best Warzone skin. He has the Grim Reaper appearance with a scythe on his back and skull mask.