What are sweaty skins in Fortnite? The name might sound a little bit weird, but it is just another description for the word “hot”. Fortnite fans believe that these skins from the following list are used by the most tryhard players out there. These skins are rare to come by, and some might have even been banned from the competitive play. Below, the top 10 sweaty skins in Fortnite are ranked.

Boundless Superhero Skins

Boundless skin in Fortnite

In past years boundless skins were very popular among players. They have a unique style, seemed smooth and had an option to go in just one color. You could choose white, black or red sweaty skins in fortnite. But now, those sweatiest Fortnite skins are disabled for competitive play. That's because they made the competition a pay to win one. If you customize well enough your boundless skins you can hide your character in various terrains of the map. That could be either blue for water, green for bushes and grass, etc.


Siren skin in Fortnite

Next in our list is a 1 200 v-bucks skin, called the Siren. It was released 2 years ago. One option is designed for female characters. The outfit looks classy with high heels, high waist trousers, a black jacket with the same color and a white top under that. The case behind her back is also in black with red and golden patterns. 

The other one presents the male outfit with a coat with a hoodie, glasses, skinny black trousers, a white shirt and black boots. On his back he has to pick axes with the same coloring again — golden, black and red. This one costs 800 instead of 1 200 v-bucks.

Soccer Skins

Soccer Skins in Fortnite

Collaborations with different sports players have brought the skins of many popular footballers of our times to this game. Besides you can keep the appearance of your character and still clothe them with shirts, shorts and boots of a footballer. These skin variations even have their specific names for every role on a football pitch. The outfits can present different football clubs or national teams, such as AC Milan, Wolves, Atletico, Schalke, Man City, etc. 


Aura skin in Fortnite

Another one of sweaty fortnite skins, released over 3 years ago, is called Aura. These are simple yet attractive. WIth a cost of 800 V-bucks, this is a very casual appearance. For the female character, it is yellow boots, dark gray skinny jeans, a gray cut-sleeve top, with a red line in the center, black gloves, a gold chain on her neck, and a yellow cap on her head. The male outfit is called The Guild, and has similar style, but this time his boots are black and red, as is his cap. The price is the same for the Guild too.

Renegade Raider Skin

Renegade Raider Skin in Fortnite

Renegade Raider Skin was released in the game over 2 years ago, but it is still one of the Fortnite sweaty skins. It reminds of an outfit of a pilot. With glasses and a helmet on the forehead, tight jeans, cut-sleeve top and various accessories, the look differs from most other skins. The skin was available in seasonal shops, with a cost of 1 200 Virtual Bucks.

WildCat Skin

WildCat Skin in Fortnite

WildCat Skin, an Epic Outfit, was released back in 2020. It came with the Nintendo switch bundle with the cost of $300. The blue and black outfit with a helmet and gloves makes the character closer in appearance to a soldier. But the cuteness of the overall design makes it one of the sweatiest fortnite skins. This is a very rare skin, as it is given to Nintendo Switch buyers that are willing to pay for the bundle. 

Crystal Skin

Crystal Skin in Fortnite

Crystal Skin, another combat-ready skin for the solo play, came out in 2019. It had a cost of 800 V-bucks. An uncommon outfit that was available in the item shop for Season X, still looks great over 3 years later, with her ponytail haircut, big, rounded glasses and overall aesthetics, it has got many customizations, including the latest Scuba and Ice Crystal designs. 

Ghoul Trooper Skins

Top 10 Sweatiest Fortnite Skins Ranked

Sweaty skins in Fortnite never stop to impress. One of the most searched for is the Ghoul Trooper skin, it costs 1 500 V-bucks and came in the season 1 of the battle royale. This epic skin was last seen in the shop on October 11th, 2021. It comes in 2 colors։ pink and zombie green. This is the counterpart of the character with the name Brainiac. 

Elite Agent

Elite Agent in Fortnite

Elite agents, the rarest sweaty skins in fortnite appeared in the game on February 23, 2018. This came with the Black Vector set, with the character model Ramirez. Later in patch 8.10 she was given the no-helmet appearance. Before that this skin was very overpowered, as she was not visible in certain areas of the map, due to her black clothing. As this is a non-purchasable item, you will hardly see someone owning it, unless it is someone who leveled up in the game in 2018.


Q: What is the sweatiest Fortnite skin?

A: It is the Elite Agent skin that was available with Season 3 battle pass, tier 87. As it was an event-based offer, this skin will not appear in the shop of the game.

Q: What does the term “sweaty” mean in Fortnite?

A: “Sweaty” is just another name for “cool”, “hot”, etc, describing the rareness and swag of the Epic/Legendary/Uncommon skins of the battle royale. Many fans believe that the best Fortnite players that are literally sweating mid-game due to their intense playstyle prefer these skins.