Riot Games had presented a new broadcast schedule last week for the competitive LoL and Valorant. The shifts in competition days took place to make sure that fans don't miss out different matches of different regions.

To make live broadcast more enjoyable, Riot actually made the most adjustments to LCS, planning the competition days on workdays, and in other regions on weekends. Here is a brief look:

1. LCS - Thursday and Friday starting at 12:00 PM PT

2. LEC - Saturday, Sunday, and Monday starting at 6:00 PM CET

3. CBLoL - Saturday & Sunday starting at 1pm BRT

4. LPL - Monday-Friday starting at 5pm CST and Saturday & Sunday starting at 3pm CST

5. LCK - New Start Times

  • Match 2 on weekdays will shift 30 minutes earlier from 8:00 PM (KST) to 7:30 PM (KST)
  • On the weekends, Match 1 will be moved from 5:00 PM (KST) to 3:00PM (KST), and Match 2 will be moved from 8:00 PM (KST) to 5:30 PM (KST)

The changes in LEC come with 2 to 3 split conversions. On the other hand, most stacked region is EMEA, where matches will be broadcast 7 days a week. 

LCS changes will be noted with new format. Double Round Robins are planned for Spring and Summer Splits. However, the playoffs will have the same format as in 2022. The arena where the teams compete will also get full renovation, as per reports.