Gears of War

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Nov 08, 2006
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The game from the famous game designer Cliff Bleszinski. Gears of War for many years has become the hallmark of the game console from Microsoft. Gears of War is a third-person shooter that uses a cover system from the game Kill Switch as the main game mechanics: the protagonist sticks to the walls, ledges and other elevations on the map, shooting back at the enemies. This is the first game of the series.

The action takes place on the exoplanet Sera. On it, there is a stronghold of human civilization, which after a thousand-year conflict is on the verge of collapse. Underneath all the main human cities, dwells the Locust Horde - inhuman monsters the size of a truck.

The player becomes a soldier Marcus Phoenix from the Coalition of Ordered Governments. The action begins 14 years after the first contact: the prison in which the Phoenix was kept attacked by The Horde. An old friend helps Marcus to get out and thus begins an adventure to save the world from chthonic invaders.

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Gears of War Creators

Susan O'Connor
Total Games: 5
Kevin Riepl
Total Games: 15
Cliff Bleszinski
director, designer
Total Games: 11
Eric Nylund
Total Games: 5
Rod Fergusson
Total Games: 5
Chris Perna
Total Games: 7
Jeremiah O'Flaherty
Total Games: 6
Jim Brown
Total Games: 3
Ray Davis
Total Games: 3
Lee Perry
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