L.A. Noire

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May 17, 2011
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After the end of World War 2 long needed peace has been reached and should be protected, so Cole Phelps, a decorated war veteran, returns to Los Angeles, California to his wife and joining the LAPD. Neo-noir action-adventure, L.A. Noire allows players to solve crime cases through collecting clues, collecting witness statements and interrogation. Highly detailed facial animation allows players to detect the exact emotion witness or suspect is expressing, and it can become a leading hint in a case. Slow and meticulous crime solving is broke up by fast-paced action scenes including car chases, gunfights and hand to hand combat.
After every case player’s performance will be graded by 1-5 star rating, depending on how they acted during interrogations and how well they searched for the clues. Aside from the main story cases, detective Cole can be involved into optional side-investigations, known as Street Crimes.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 64-Bit Service Pack 1 Processor: Intel CPUs - Dual Core 2.2 GHz to Quad Core 3.2GHz; AMD... all L.A. Noire system requirements

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L.A. Noire Creators

Dan Houser
writer, producer, designer
Total Games: 17
Josh Needleman
producer, designer
Total Games: 3
Naresh Hirani
director, producer, programmer
Total Games: 1
Alex Carlyle
writer, designer
Total Games: 1
Brendan McNamara
writer, director
Total Games: 1
Andrew Hale
Total Games: 1
Franta Fulin
Total Games: 1
Simon Hale
Total Games: 1
Chee Kin Chan
Total Games: 1
Ben Brudenell
Total Games: 1