Project CARS

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May 06, 2015
ESRB Rating:
0+ everyone
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With the help of original technical solutions, the game manages to offer a fully dynamic SETA model of tires, as well as a system of dynamic day and weather change. The player feels how the car adjusts the behavior depending on the work of braking assistance or stability control.

The game has more than 110 cars, their number is constantly growing. Each car has its distinct characteristics, in its own way behaves on the road. The game has about forty race tracks, and if you consider different configurations, you can count 110 variants of routes. Before the game you can set up the AI, controlling all the circumstances on the track, according to a variety of different criteria. Similarly, AI can be configured and in terms of management of other cars - what kind of rivals do you want to see around you?

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System Requirements

Minimum: OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7 with latest Service Packs Processor: 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400, 3.0 GHz... all Project CARS system requirements

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Project CARS Creators

Stephen Baysted
Total Games: 5
Andy Tudor
director, designer
Total Games: 3
Darren White
Total Games: 3
Ged Keaveney
designer, programmer
Total Games: 2
Stephen Viljoen
director, designer
Total Games: 2
Pete Morrish
Total Games: 1