Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (SW KOTOR)

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Jul 15, 2003
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The game takes place in the world of the epic "Star Wars".
When creating a character, first select a class - Soldier, Scoundrel or Scout. Classes differ in the proportion of strength, health and cunning. Later, three more classes will open, each of which will be a Jedi: Jedi Guardian, Jedi Consular, and Jedi Sentinel. This will also be the choice in favour of different proportions of strength, intelligence and skills.
In the world of "Star Wars," there is a Force that can be vested both by the Jedi and by their enemies. There are Force Powers of three types: light, dark and neutral. They should be studied, this raises the level of skill. Forces are expended but are restored.
The player can alternately lean toward both the Light and the Dark Side of the Force - this will affect the ending of the game and the use of Force Powers. For example, if the character belongs to the Light Side, then the use of the Dark Force will require more of this Force from him than using the Light.
The hero will visit the underground metropolis, the desert planet, the planet-forest and the planet-ocean, caves with crystals for light swords, sand Tatooine, the planet-cemetery, space ships and stations.
The hero will interact with sentient beings, droids of different classes and exotic animals.

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System Requirements

OS: Windows XP and Windows Vista Processor: Intel Pentium 3 1Ghz or AMD Athlon 1GHz Memory: 256 RAM Graphics: 32... all SW KOTOR system requirements

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Jeremy Soule
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