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Feb 09, 2016
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0+ everyone
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The player controls Yarni, a man of yarn. Yarni arises in the human house, from the tangle of yarn used for knitting by the inhabitants of this house. Yarni moves around the house, goes into the yard, examines the neighborhood. It is small and therefore a mug, flower bed or children's bicycle are obstacles in its way. But the yarn that Yarni is made of is subject to him, he can catch on to the object, pull himself up and climb up, swing and jump, maybe even pull yarn and walk along it like a tightrope walker. The variety of these techniques is large enough, tips help to use them. You can interact with all objects, sometimes there are creatures that can block the path - for example, insects.
Yarn can not be unrolled indefinitely, it is necessary to monitor its consumption. Sometimes you can return the unwound yarn back to the "body", sometimes you can increase the amount of yarn, finding a new piece.
The most valuable thing Yarni finds is memories. Memories of a family of people, from which he "comes" himself. Memories are painted with different emotions, a sufficient number of collected memories opens the entrance to the following levels. In the game there are two lines of events. Events of the past arise as memories, they are found by Yarni. At the same time, the Yarni journey goes in the present - and also serves as a source of events that make up not the past but the present.

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Minimum: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 64-bit Processor: Intel Core 2... all Unravel system requirements

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Martin Sahlin
writer, director, designer
Total Games: 2
Henrik Oja
composer, producer
Total Games: 1
Frida Johansson
Total Games: 1
Dick Adolfsson
Total Games: 1
Michael Gill
Total Games: 1
Håkan Dalsfelt
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Jakob Marklund
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