X-COM: UFO Defense (UFO: Enemy Unknown)

Metacritic Rating:
Release Date:
Dec 30, 1993
ESRB Rating:
10+ everyone
  1. Governments of the Earth have increasingly begun to receive reports of frequent UFO attacks on people and their abductions. To combat this scourge, they decide to create a service X-COM (Extraterrestrial Combat Unit ), which is designed to protect humanity from aliens. You play as the head of this service.

The game is played in two modes: strategic and tactical.

Strategic (Geoscape):
The player can manage X-COM bases and change their structure, equip planes, manage research goals: order the delivery of supplies, recruit new staff members, order the production of advanced equipment and sell alien artefacts on the black market for money.

Tactical (Battlescape):
Here the game goes into the phase of tactical combat. You have to command your soldiers, and your primary task is to win the battle against the aliens. Each of the soldiers controlled by the player has many different parameters that determine his abilities.

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System Requirements

Supported OS: Microsoft® 2000/XP/Vista® Processor: 80386 processor or better Memory: 4Mb RAM Sound Cards Supported: AdLib compatible cards, SoundBlaster compatible... all UFO: Enemy Unknown system requirements

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X-COM: UFO Defense Creators

Allister Brimble
composer, designer
Total Games: 25
Julian Gollop
writer, director, artist, designer, programmer
Total Games: 6
John Broomhall
composer, producer
Total Games: 6
Nick Gollop
producer, designer, programmer
Total Games: 3
Stuart Whyte
producer, designer
Total Games: 3
Alkis Alkiviades
Total Games: 2
Matthew Simmonds
Total Games: 1
Steve Hand
Total Games: 1
John Reitze
Total Games: 1
Martin Smillie
Total Games: 2
Tim Roberts
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Peter Moreland
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