Match Team BDS Academy BDS A vs LDLC OL LDLC | 18.08

On August, 18 2022 16:04 (UTC) (in 1 month) Team BDS Academy will fight against LDLC OL in the Final Stage of the 2022 Lol French League Summer Season League of Legends Tournament

Most of bookies agree that the team LDLC OL will prevail a Match with the best odd of 1.19 offered by Pinnacle.

Team BDS A (rank #11) is 8 places beyond LDLC (rank #3).

BDS A current winrate is 80.00% against LDLC's 80.00%.

Teams had 6 encounters in the past, BDS A won 3 times. LDLC won 3 times.

Team BDS A will be represented by . Whereas Team LDLC is by .

BDS A had 1 loses in a row. Whereas team LDLC had 1 loses.