Astralis and Movistar riders will compete at Roobet Cup 2022, in the group B of the $250,000 event. Here we have details on team forms, as well as betting tips.

Astralis won 3 of their last 4 matches. They are known to be great on maps like Inferno, Nuke and Overpass, so the opponent might want to ban them before they go head-to-head. Astralis have the following players on their side:

  • Fessor;
  • Xyp9x;
  • BlameF;
  • Farlig;
  • K0nfig. 

Movistar Riders had 1 wins out of the last 5 matches: they do lack the skills and team performance when it comes to stronger opponents, and this time facing Astralis will be a tough task for the roster. The latter consists of these 5:

  • ALEX;

  • Deathzz;

  • mopoz;

  • SunPayus;

  • dav1g.

 Astralis vs Movistar Riders betting tips — RBC 2022

Astralis are the favorites of this match. They might be in an average form, but the team certainly has enough fire power to close down Movistar Riders even without their in-game leader Gla1ve. The odds from bookmakers are:

  • Astralis win — 1.45:
  • Movistar Riders win — 2.74.;
  • Map total > 2.5 — 2.11;
  • Map total < 2..5 — 1․69․