ESL Pro League S15 is in its full blossom: only the top teams have remained in the competition and April 8th starts with the clash of FURIA and Astralis. We have covered the prematch stats and betting tips.

Astralis eliminated the Russian team Entropiq lately, which surely adds to their confidence coming into this new clash. Before that, Complexity suffered a loss with the same 1:2 score against Astralis. On the other hand, Astralis fell to NAVI, but could still steal a map from the top-1 team in the world. Astralis compete today with these players in line:Β 

  • Xyp9x;
  • k0nfig;
  • gla1ve;
  • Farlig;
  • blameF.

FURIA had a near-perfect run in the group and 12th rounds of the competition. Their only loss was the matchup against IEM Katowice 2022 champions, FaZe. FURIA are one of the teams that are able to close down experienced players, with their own style. The roster is the same from the previous month:

  • arT;
  • yuurih;
  • KSCerato;
  • saffee;
  • drop.

FURIA vs Astralis betting tips

Bookmakers have looked into the previous meetups of FURIA and Astralis, where both sides met 4 times and had equal counts of win/lose (2W, 2L). However, the most recent result is FURIA's win in February with the score of 2:0. Accordingly, FURIA are the favorites of the match, but Astralis are not going to give up easily, so at least 1 map might go in favor of the Danes. Without further complications, lets have a look at the odds:

  • FURIA win β€” 1.73;
  • Astralis win β€” 2.09.
  • Map total > 2.5 β€” 1.72;
  • Map total < 2β€€5 β€” 2.02;