Fluxo and G2 meet in the third day of BLAST Premier Fall Final. Read on to learn more about prediction and latest results.

Fluxo were beaten by NAVI yesteday. As this was their starting match, now the overall competitive picture is clearer. They had been victorious against 00Nation and MIBR past month. Fluxo's 5-man roster is:

  • felps;
  • vsm;
  • WOOD7;
  • Lucaozy;
  • lux.

G2 were worse than Liquid, as everyone concludes from yesterdays 0:2 match. Before that they had fallen to TGL, 1WIN and Cloud9, missing another  placement at Rio Major. Today they are the favorites, but let's not forget that Fluxo are not so experienced. G2 are:

  • jks;
  • huNter-;
  • HooXi;
  • NiKo;
  • m0NESY.

Fluxo vs G2 prediction

Teams haven't met in the past, but Fluxo are the obvious underdogs. They weren't able to survive the match against NAVI hopefully they can take  advantage of G2's mistakes. Pinnacle.com experts also give G2 advantage the following odds:

  • G2 win — 1.43;
  • Fluxo win — 4.63;
  • Map total > 2.05 — 2․11;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 1․74․

Please note that the odds may change in real time.