Maxim “GabeFollower” Poletaev, the famous CS:GO insider and dataminer, went live to discuss some of the problems of CS:GO. He was asked the most discussed question of recent times — the shift of the shooter onto the new engine.

Gabe Follower said that Source 2 was supposed to go out in 2018, but as the devs were busy with another game, HL Alyx, the problems regarding the shift of the whole CS:GO content had still no effective solution. Only after 2020 the developers at Valve were able to fully focus on forging a new way to preserve all the in-game progresses of users, and most importantly, their exclusive and valuable "properties", such as the skins. 

As with the recent rumors, there is already a neat solution brought up by the creators team and in the nearest future we might finally see Source 2 go live.