G2 Esports announced its newcomers yesterday, weeks after Aleksib and JACKZ left the roster. G2 did it in a creative and fun way, releasing a video where NiKo and m0NESY were to decide who are the most suitable players for the respective roles. Even kennyS was featured in the video, but G2 players just went for Justin "jks" Savage and Rasmus "Hooxi" Nielsen. 

Later on, a related post appeared in Reddit, which implied that Jks had 17 years of Steam usage, the same number of years as its teammate Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov's age. 

Of course, having Steam installed for 17 years does not mean that Jks has always been playing CS:GO, however this is a good way to show the age gap between G2 players. 

G2 will compete in the upcoming BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022 tournament, which kicks off August 19 and concludes on August 28. 16 teams compete for $177,500 prize cash.