NAVI CS:GO coach Andrii "B1ad3" Horodenskyi stated the intentions to play with the substitute player at the BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2022. The troubles at IEM Rio Major 2022 showed that there is a lack of tournament experience, as the team had been away from events for prolonged period.ย 

I think we will focus on the winning of course, that's why we are giving only some maps to nipl, and in that case always two maps out of three can be strong maps. You risk a little bit, but you have a backup plan, a third map where everything is fine if nipl cannot show up good in the first maps. Like b1t for example, he was not doing good in his first maps and then he started improving. It takes time.

We are focusing of course on winning, but the main goal for us was winning the Major. For the moment the highest goals are things we didn't achieve before, like a second grand slam, a second Major, this stuff.

Now, while Victor "SDY" Orudzhev is still active in the roster, Andrii "Nipl" Kukharski will be the 6th player, that will sometimes stand-in for SDY against easier opponents, to gain enough experience on the Tier-1 stage. Overall, NAVI plan to later use him, when SDY is gone. Lately the Born to Win defeated Fluxo in the Group B of BLAST Premier Fall Final.