The third day of BLAST Premier Fall Finals kicks off with the encounter of OG and NIP. Here we have the betting tips and recent results of the collectives.

OG's previous tournament was IEM Rio, where they missed to qualify for the legends stage, losing to teams like FURIA, Fnatic and Vitality. On the other hand, they found it easier to defeat not-so-famous IHC Esports. Coming to the BLAST Finals, they showed no spirit in the battle against FaZe clan. The expectations aren't high from OG, but lets not forget that NIP is not at the top of its play either. OG's current 5 members are: 

  • nexa;
  • flameZ;
  • degster;
  • F1KU.

NIP's joy after the lossless RMR for Rio did not last long. They suffered 3 defeats and from the major's Legends stage their next stop was the airport. This time they'll need to add more variety to their tactics and preferred maps, as Inferno and Vertigo aren't enough against the toughest teams of EU region. NIP play with these 5 on their side:

  • REZ;
  • hampus;
  • Aleksib;
  • es3tag;
  • Brollan.

OG vs Ninjas in Pyjamas betting tips

This year teams met once at the Global Esports Tour Dubai 2022, where NIP were victorious without a map loss. Overall, the forms are quite similar, so sets the tiniest edge for OG. Accordingly, the odds are:

  • OG win — 1.90;
  • NIP win — 1.92;
  • Map total > 2.05 — 2․05;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 1․79․