FaZe Clan rifler Russel "Twistzz" Van Dunkel has given an interview to HLTV on the first day of BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022. The player spoke about IEM Rio Major, current form, the busy schedule and the format of the tournaments.

Talking about the bad performance in Rio, Twistzz mentioned that there were unlucky draws and earlier stages included encounters with top 5 teams of the world. 

Next, Russel criticized the way CS:GO tournaments, especially the major, is organized. His compliant referred mostly to the best-of-1 stages:

The major runs too long. I think Bo1 should be removed entirely, maybe only the first match should be Bo1 and move everything else to Bo3. I think it would be different if the seeding was still that way but we had at least played Bo3 against the other good teams, because at least if you lose a Bo3, you made mistakes. Losing a Bo1 is rough because you could have had two more maps to play. 

Twistzz confessed that the team had little time to practice before Rio, while in Cologne they used each and every trick of the CS:GO textbook to be ready for the long-lasting tournament. Now the team looks to gain back the fame they gave away in Brazil.

On the other hand, Twistzz thinks that the busy schedule is the least of problems in the actual routine of a CS:GO esports player. 

FaZe claimed a victory on the opening day at BLAST Premier Fall Finals against OG, thus taking the revenge from neXa's team for the previous loss in Rio. Next they will face Heroic, who are hungry for a trophy after the Rio Major final drama.