DPC SEA Tour 2 starts with the next match of April 7th featuring T1 and Neon. Pre-match stats and betting tips are presented next.Β 

T1 had 3 wins and 1 loss lately during DPC Tour 2. They fell to Polaris Esports, surprisingly, but beat Execration, Nigma Galaxy SEa and Team SMG during the last week of March. T1 compete with the following lineup:

  • Kuku;
  • Karl;
  • Whitemon;
  • Gabbi;
  • Xepher.

Neon just finished their partnership with OB company that had it's brand integrated into the roster tag previously. The team itself was outclassed by Boom, Fnatic and SMG, and the only win they had so far in the DPC happened against Execration back in March. It still remains to see what they can do to stop the powerful T1 roster, with this one being their own:

  • Eriqwe;
  • Enryu;
  • Abeng;
  • jingQt;
  • Raphtalia.

T1 vs OB.Neon betting tips

T1 are the favorites of this match, as they are on a winning streak now. Overcoming a weaker team has never been a problem for T1. The odds are as follows:

  • T1 win β€” 1β€€15;
  • Neon win β€” 5.11;
  • Map total Β > 2β€€5 β€” 1β€€64;
  • Map total < 2β€€5 β€” 2.17β€€