The Stratz portal's stats revealed an an interesting fact about the state of Dota 2. In December 2021, the majority of mathes have been played on European servers (which include CIS games as well) than in other regions combined. The gap is so significant, when put in numbers:

  • EU — 120 Million Games played;
  • SEA — 44 Million Games played;
  • SA — 29 Million Games played;
  • CN — 25 Million Games played;
  • NA — 11 Million Games played.

From these stats, it becomes apparent that the least interested in this discipline are players from North America. The runner-ups with the matches played are the players from SEA — 44 million games and this is due to their large population. It is unclear if we can trust the stats on the Chinese servers, as they happen in a separate client and are controlled by the Perfect World, so it only remains to stick to officially recognized numbers — 25 million games overall for December 2021.

More Dota 2 matches are played in EU than in the rest of the world combinedSource: Stratz