BTS Pro Series for Dota 2 DPC continue with the upcoming match of Thunder Awaken and Cringe Crew. Below we present the betting tips and roster updates for the event.

TA have been quite dangerous in the biggest tournament of the year. They placed 5-6th in TI 11 and before that were unstoppable in DPC SA 2021-2022. However, since then the org dropped the roster. Now, their starting 5 looks completely different and features Belarussian player Smiling Knight as well as some tier-2 locals. Today they have an easy opponent to start their Season 13 run anyway. TA's main 5 are:

  • Smiling Knight;
  • Alone;
  • Littleboy;
  • Michael-;
  • Accel. 

CC had been struggling against better teams, yet they managed to confirm 2 positive results in the last 5. It is still to early to draw conclusions, as CC lost to Infamous and Hokori. They also drew one match against Wildcard Gaming. Cringe Crew are:

  • Realm;
  • Curly;
  • Sunlight;
  • FLee;
  • The Warden.

CC vs TA betting tips 

Teams haven't met in the past, but certainly TA are more experienced, taking into account their magical run at this year's TI 11. Accordingly experts think that CC are the underdogs, and that's revealed in the odds offered by them: