Virtus Pro and Entity meet at BetBoom Xmas Show lower bracket. Time to have a look at the previous results and the winning odds of the pair. 

V.Pro's latest match took place 4 days ago when the CIS roster met Gaming Gladiators and were beaten unexpectedly without taking a map. Before that they had another tough match against PuckChamp but secured a 2-1 win. Now Virtus Pro play in the following names: 

  • Dukalis;
  • sayuw;
  • krylat;
  • squadx;
  • Noticed.

Entity's reuslts lately have been average. They fell to Spirit  without a chance to fight them back, but were better against Nigma Galaxy in yesterday's clash. Entity continue to present these names in the lineup: 

  • watson;,.';
  • Fishman;
  • Mikey;
  • Tobi;
  • Kataomi`.

V.Pro vs Entity winning odds

V.Pro are the underdogs of the event. They still have to prove a lot, even though other names in the team managed to beat Entity twice while losing once. Without hesitation, here are the odds offered by

  • win — 2.21;
  • Entity win — 1.62։
  • Map total > 2.5 — 2.24;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 1.89. 

Please note that the odds may change in real time.