Riot devs made an update, presenting statistics on player behavior and steps they are taking to ensure the safety and enjoyable playtime of League of Legends users. The emphasis now is on behavior systems that reward good in-game actions with skins and other in-game means, such as Honor Points, as introduced by Hannah "TimTamMonster" Dinh.

The latter admitted that Riot have not done much to minimize the toxicity in the League's servers, mentioning that it is time for behind the scenes operations to come forth.

The observation of the overall condition has made it clear — only 5% of players are regularly acting toxic, so the devs decided it's time to stop focusing on this small part of the community. Instead, to address this, Riot are upgrading the Honor Points system, setting the max to level 5, which will come with a champion skin reward.  This way it is the good folk of LoL who will get their attention and will be able to score some prizes for acting good. Also, another aspect the team has promised to improve is the problem of verbal abuse.

We expect to see improvements in this area of up to 10x. While Verbal Abuse is not directly reflected in game stats like KDA, it is a pervasive issue that often leads to other disruptive behaviors.

Finally, the dev asks the community to try to control themselves in situations of frustration because of the game, as this will ensure that the 95% volume of positivity won't decrease in the near future but rather will add up.