The latest League of Legends patch 12.22 is finally here. With the latest large-scale adjustments, we have the refreshed meta with the following champs classified from top to bottom. 

The most broken champs in the top lane include Aatrox, Camille, Darius and Fiora. They have been solid pre-patch and now they continue to stay on top of their game literally. The last 2 in the list have actually received some buffs with the new patch which allows to call them a reliable choice in the post-Worlds meta. Moreover, the Ravenous Hydra lets more bruisers be vital in the top lane, such as Akshan and Wein.

The Jungle is the place where Bel’Veth feels itself home and then come Ekko, Evelyn and Graves. Quickly reaching level 4, these champs deliver over 53 percent win rate in high ELOs. Doctor Mundo would be a perfect pick if the above mentioned ones are banned.  Kha'zix and Nocturne might be less powerful than Mundo, but they also can make things work in the Jungle. If you're looking for a champion that's hard to kill, definitely go for Nunu. Tier B might be a good placement for Sylas and Gwen. 

Mid lane is the best place for Corki. He is often picked by both noobs and pros like Faker. Now he has got about 55% win rate, thanks to his damage dealing ability in the mid game. Apart from Corki, you can pick Syndra, but even if she is not available, then go for Akali or Akshan. For AD champions, trust the play to Gangplank, Lucian and Pantheon. Pantheon is way more frightening when paired with Jungle Ekko. At the same time, try to avoid using K’Santhe here, as he belongs to the top lane in the current meta. 

LoL patch 12.22 bot lane has 2 OP champions, Lucian and Caithlyn do their job perfectly, thanks to being difficult to beat. Tier S includes Ash, Jhin, Kaisa and Samira. They are a better pick than Yasuo, who is still decent in low ELOs for many.  

Finally, the support role now has more OP champions than the rest of the lanes. Janna, Nami, Renata and Soraka are the ultimate options for a strong bot. In the majority of ELOs, Janna and Nami have at least  53 percent of win rate. For tier S, we have Lulu, Sona and Zilean. These have even been viable since pre patch. If they are not what you are comfortable with, then maybe Twitch could snowball well. On the other hand, avoid picking Senna and Seth.