Another match for MSI 2022 participants kicks off 11:10 UTC today, between G2 Esports and T1. Let's see what are the chances of both teams now after their earlier matches, and for the winning odds, scroll to the bottom of the text.

G2 lost to PSG Talon in today's match. They have become kind of predictable in this stage of the competition, and even Kalista pick up did not help them to turn the tides. However, G2 are still title contenders and are expected to cause another set of troubles for T1 with the following lineup.

  • Jankos;
  • Caps;
  • Broken Blade;
  • Targamas;
  • Flakked.

Faker's team surprisingly lost to EG after beating them earlier. After a record-breaking winning streak T1 showed a surprisingly shaky performance in the 2nd stage of the MSI, and will try to be more focused now and gain their motivation back. T1's lineup is:

  • Gumayusi;
  • Faker;
  • Zeus;
  • Keria;
  • Oner.

G2 vs T1 winning odds

Analysts think T1 have better chances to beat G2 this time round, despite the earlier loss of the Korean superteam to EG. The odds for the match now are:

  • T1 win — 1.45.
  • G2 win — 2.66.