Chang-hyeon "Pyosik" Hong, the ex-star player of DRX.LOL, who recently won the World Championship, has announced leaving the region. He will not continue his career in South Korea, as there is no team that was interested in buying his transfer. 

The decision of the org's management has not been what DRX roster were expecting to hear, but the whole lineup was disbanded, and Pyosik says he did want the whole 5 to stick together. Anyway, there were 2 options for Pyosik to explore, but those teams weren't truly interested either. Therefore, he is set to leave the region for the upcoming competitive year.

What made Pyosik emotional, in his words, was the last meetup with the fans in a cafe, that's when he knew that he is not staying in LCK any more. Rumors say that Pyosik's next stop is LCS, where he'll play at Team Liquid.