Riot Games presented the upcoming VCT 2023 partner teams the day before. There are 30 members, 10 of which will present EMEA region. And the decision to omit teams like FPX and OpTic Gaming is still under question amongst fans of the discipline. 

It is strange that Riot did not take into account the team performance of both clubs at the latest Valorant Istanbul Champions 2022 major. OpTic were the second-best team, while FPX had managed to reach quarterfinals of the event. Fans think that the unsportsmanlike approach of the developer shows that esports is not valued by publishers and they are not interested in who will be partnering with them.

Later FPX made announcement stating that they are eager to take care of their players for a short period. However, after several hours, sources claimed that the org is eager to listen to offers for the successful roster. FPX had already applied for another league — Pacific could be their home soon, along with T1, Gen.G and ZETA DIVISION.