BLAST Fall Finals 2022 is here with another week of competition. 8 teams are in chase of the 425,000 USD. Read on for more on favorites of the event, with the odds provided by

Natus Vincere were not successful throughout the latest IEM Rio Major. Probably they were not ready for such a schedule, neither for such well-prepared opponents. They fell to the last hope of Brazil. NAVI have lost some firepower since the departure of Boombl4. On the other hand, they will soon say goodbye to the newly elected Victor "Sdy" Orudzhev. But now, the latter has enough time to prove why NAVI are the number 1 picks of the analysts.

FaZe —  4․18

Karrigan's team has gone through a lot of failures. Sometimes they go too much into odd tactics, forgetting to play the game how its meant to be. Of course, the skills are there, but recently FaZe's performance has been worse than in 2021. The horrible run in the IEM Major maybe was caused by too much pressure, but here in Copenhagen they have one last chance to state that they never left. FaZe are the second best in championship chances.

G2 —  5․52

G2 are here with one proper reason — there are not as many favorites as underdogs in Fall Final. They do not have BIG, MOUZ, Cloud9 etc. as their rivals. On the other hand, NiKo's team still misses something for the important stages of tournaments. Perhaps it is a little lack of luck. Even after a couple of adjustments on the roster, G2 do not stand solid when they appear in top 10 of the World ranking.

Liquid — 6․63

Finally, the last in our favorites list is Team Liquid. The NA roster does not seem to have common synergy within lineup, like it exists in other teams. EliGE alone can't bring them victories, neither the qualities of nAF. Probably Liquid need a roster from another region and could practically learn a lot from C9. 

Please note that the odds may change in real time.