The final blow of the competitive 2022 will come to its end in CS:GO, with BLAST Premier's World Final 2022 tournament. 1 million dollars will be on the table for the participating 8 teams. Time to see which one has the best chances to take the crown in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Heroic —  4.00

The Danes have been clinical in the latest events against top teams. Finally, Casper "CadiaN" Moller became a winner of the Fall Final, towards  which he had been working really hard. The victory claimed through blood and sweat showed that Heroic have reached a new level of consistency and better experience to take round losses in a calm manner. The competition won't be easy this time either, but they have certainly hungry for more trophies. They are the favorites to win another BLAST tournament with the same lineup.

FaZe Clan — 4․33

As FaZe gradually get back in form, it is very dangerous for the opponents to face them at any stage of the tournament, though it is expected that they will give away the opening match like they usually do in big events. However, the previous preparations tell the community that we are going to witness a different game by karrigan's team this time, thus they are second-best in the favorites list.

Outsiders — 4․75

Outsiders were the surprise team of the year. Since YEKINDAR and buster left, the team has found a new approach to win games, and, moreover, the Rio Major. The Bears were cool on the majority of maps, so it's time to see whether they have anything to offer on the newest addition, Anubis (if anyone picks it). Let's hope that Jame's AWP will save the day, and not only.

NAVI — 6․00

The year has been tough for the Ukrainian powerhouse. First, the players were devastated with the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, next, they lost the IGL, who did all the hard job of entry fragging in NAVI. Lastly, they had a failed attempt to make a good synergy with the newcomer, Victor "sdy" Orudzhev. However, S1mple and electroNic still have the good form to try and win one last event this year. NAVI are the fourth favorite, and the one that will cause a lot of headache to any team they meet in Abu Dhabi.

Please, take note that the odds may change in real time.