The latest major of the competitive Rainbow 6 Siege arrives to Sweden, Jonkoping, from November 21 to 27 and 16 participating teams. Time to look at the favorites of the 500,000 USD tournament, with the odds provided by

Team Liquid — 6․00

Team Liquid are one of the strongest rosters in the world right now, who give a good fight to anyone. Numerous trophies in their Hall of Fame since 2019 make them the number 1 favorite to become the champion in the Swedish major. So far they have conquered: 

  • OGA PIT Season 3  2019;
  • Six November 2020 Major;
  • Copa Elite 6 Season 2021 Stage 1;
  • Copa Elite 6 Season 2022 Stage 1.

Lately they placed 3rd in the Gamers8 2022 tournament, claiming the 155,000 USD for 3-4th places. Experts believe Liquid are capable of reaching the semifinals at least.

Team SoloMid — 7․00

TSM's latest international runs have been successful enough to call them the second-best in the Rainbow 6 Siege Jonkoping Major 2022. They shone since late 2020, with victories at:

  • Six November 2020 Major NA;
  • NAL 2020 US Division;
  • Six Invitational 2022;
  • NAL Season 2022.

W7M Esports — 7․00

Third-best in the earliest picks of potential 6 Jonkoping winners are the South American W7M Esports. They have been lethal in 2022 within the SA region, with victories at Brasileirão 2022 - Stage 2 and 3, as well as the 3rd Stage of Copa Elite 6. Internationally they have shown pretty decent stats too, with 3-4th place claimed at 6 Berlin Major. So far the team has made 85,000 USD, which is well enough for a lower-level region.

FaZe Clan — 8․00

FaZe's form is also on its highest for 2022. Since 2018 they have struggled in international tournaments, not being able to claim the peak at the important Invitationals. Instead they were the second-best at Six August 2020 Major Brazil and Pro League Season 8 Finals. Becoming the champions at Sweden Major 2021, it is time to repeat the history, this time in Jonkoping. The chances for FaZe to enter the final day of competition are high, as they finished 2nd at this year's 6 Berlin Major.

Please note that the odds may change in real time.