Ghost Master

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Release Date:
Aug 25, 2003
ESRB Rating:
10+ everyone

Classic mode

The traditional 1V5 asymmetric competition mode. Players can choose Psychic Detectives, cooperate with other 4 teammates, use the skills of different characters and the props in the map to disperse the Residful Spirits in different maps;

You can also choose Resentful Spirits and combine your powerful skills with a portable trickery to chase 5 Psychic Detectives to death, gain the souls of all agents, and win the game.

Werewolf kill mode

In the special training mode of the Psychic system, there are 2 Psychic Detectives incarnations of Resentful Spirits among 10 players. The real 8 Psychic Detectives need to use the items scattered on the map and the information communication between the teams to complete the sealed array eyes, while finding the Resentful Spirits players hidden in them;
Resentful Spirits players need to hide in Psychic Detectives, use trickery and lies to prevent the exchange of information between Psychic Detectives, Seal the Array Eye, and collect all the souls of Psychic Detectives.

The Psychic Detectives of the Psychic Bureau have this unique Major Star skill and two configurable Minor Star skills. Since the attributes of the five elements of each Psychic Detectives are different, the positioning of Psychic Detectives in the game is also different. According to their attributes, they are divided into: gold-escape, water-function, wood-assistance, fire-confrontation, soil-defense.

In the game, Psychic Detectives can pick up Paper doves floating around in the scene, opening up many props with different functions.

Talisman of Soul Calming—After use, it can resist only one attack of Resentful Spirits
Talisman of immobilization—After hitting the Resentful Spirits, the Resentful Spirits can be restrained in place for a period of time
Smoke Bomb—A mist appears after use, and Psychic Detectives will not be found by Residentful Spirits in the mist

In the game, not only can you use traditional magical tools to expel the Resentful Spirits, but with the support of science and technology, Psychic Detectives can also use unique and fun-filled modern equipment.
Stun Gun—Resentful Spirits that are hit will receive an electric shock and will be unable to move for a short period of time
Night-vision Device—After use, you can see the Resentful Spirits in the invisible state around you
Flexible use of the props in the game and the Major Star skill of the character will enable you to survive the chase of the Resentful Spirits.

The top Resentful Spirits players are not only because of their powerful and superb skills, but also because they are also masters of using Trickery.
Faced with different Psychic Detectives lineups, choose the most targeted Trickery to make it easier for you to achieve victory.

Curse Trickery

Directly negatively affect Psychic Detectives itself, and capture Psychic Detectives more efficiently.
Exhaustion:Psychic Detectives will continue to lose HPs while Sealing the Array Eye.

Seal series Trickery

Protect the Array Eye in the map, and make Psychic Detectives fall into your trap unknowingly.
Maze Array:Fake Array Eye will appear in the map, and it will disappear after Psychic Detectives is sealed

Exclusive Trickery

Some Resentful Spirits have their own Exclusive Trickery to improve the functionality of their own skills.
Spider Cocoon on Command:Resentful Spirit-Xiao Zhu can manipulate the behavior of the spider on its own.
Before the start of the game, choose a Trickery with a powerful effect and let Psychic Detectives scatter and run away.
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System Requirements

Minimum: Pentium® III 450. Windows® 98,ME,XP,2000. NVIDIA® TNT2 3D card. 128MB of RAM. 750MB of free hard disc space. DirectX®... all Ghost Master system requirements

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Ghost Master Creators

Gregg Barnett
writer, director, producer, designer, programmer
Total Games: 1
Chris Bateman
writer, designer
Total Games: 1