BLAST World Final Group Stage matches start with the clash of G2 and FaZe Clan. Below we present the winning odds and roster changes for the event. 

FaZe didn't live to their title-winning name since Summer. They have been hit with some sort of curse, not being able to convert against teams like the in-form Outsiders and Heroic. However, all the gifted players are on their duties. Today, they will try to set a new road to close the year on a positive note, with the same lineup. 

  • karrigan;
  • Twistzz;
  • rain;
  • ropz;
  • broky.

G2 struggle in every aspect of the game. They did not refill the place of Aleksib in a deserving manner, since his department. HooXi seems not to be the solution. What is more, lately he posted a tragic news on twitter, informing that his father died. Still, he will stand with the team, and carry on playing  with these names in the roster:  

  • huNter-;
  • HooXi;
  • jks;
  • NiKo;
  • m0NESY.

FaZe vs G2 winning odds

Even though FaZe are a bit unlucky lately, they aren't as bad as G2 statistically. G2's problems rise from another root: there is a lot to be fixed in this collective, but for FaZe it won't take long to recover from defeats. Finally, the odds offered by are: 

  • FaZe win — 1.58;
  • G2 win — 2.41;
  • Map total > 2.5 — 2.10;
  • Map total < 2.5 — 1.59․

Please note that the odds may change in real time.