CS:GO's first major event of 2022 concluded with an impressive run from FaZe Clan defeating G2 Esports with the score of 3:0. The event took place in Katowice, Poland, with a million-dollar prize pool. For winners, the cash prize is $400,000.

FaZe Clan have a long story of competing at Katowice Grand Finals. They failed to win the tournament 2 times, and this year, karrigan's team was luckier than ever. With the HLTV's top-2 teams already eliminated, FaZe's job seemed a bit easier with G2 as their final opponent. But that was not the case. In fact, teams were forced to go overtime right on the first map.

Talking about maps, the choices were obvious: Dust 2 and Inferno for FaZe, Mirage and Ancient for G2. Perhaps G2 have learnt how to manage their Inferno play, as now they did not let the opponent shut them down easily. In fact, they had a number of map-points, but FaZe was blessed with that moment on 30th round when Robin "ropz" Kool finished off a nail-biting ace: 1:0 on the first map.ย 

Following that, Mirage could have been the breaking point for G2. Everyone were on fire once again, keeping their positions properly, but the playstyle became predictable: Jackz hiding near the wall facing bombsite A, m0NESY keeping his scope on those windows. But it was obvious there's no fuel left at 58th round, when jks shone in that 1v2 clutch, also defusing the bomb just milliseconds before the explosion.

The final map, Dust2, went on without overtime. G2 just could not find a way properly to the B site, however hard they tried. In fact, the equal opportunities rolled down and in the last round their only chance were pistols. Of course, FaZe were not going to give away the long-waited trophy. 3:0, and IEM crowns the new champions!

MVP of the event - FaZe.Broky

MVP award of the tournament went to FaZe's Helvijs "broky" Saukants, whose stats became thicker after the series against G2. This was actually his first MVP award in Katowice, but let's also remember that he appeared in HLTV's top 20 list right at the bottom.

At the Grand Finals, broky's KPR was at 0.84, while the rating was at 1.30. He shared the clutcher of the event title with G2's huNter-, succeeding in 10 1vsX confrontations. FaZe are now ranked 9th in global rankings, but next week this might improve quite significantly.