ESL Pro League Season concluded, and one of  FaZe Clan members got the MVP award of the tournament. Last time, as you remember, the MVP at Katowice 2022 was Helvijs "broky" Saukants. This time, Robin "Ropz" Kool took the title. His rating neared 1.21 at the group stage of the season, while on average he showed a rating of 1.16 in 23 maps played. 0.74 kills per round and 0.57 deaths per round made him one of the most impactful players (1.13 impact rating). This is not the first time Ropz becomes EPL MVP. The first one the 22-year-old took, however, was in Season 10  with MOUZ.

FaZeRopz after winning EPL The sky is the limit Cant wait to play more tournaments

After taking the award, Ropz gave interview top HLTV. He spoke about karrigan's plan to not ban Vertigo, and actually get rid of that map as early as possible. So it was not a problem if they won or lost. Next, he spoke on how the team recovered from the Overpass loss. The situation reminded them of the group stage play, and hopefully FaZe knew how to counter them in the long run with the upcoming maps. So without losing their confidence, FaZe went after the next round. To the question if FaZe can win the major, Ropz answered:

Yeah, of course we can win the Major. I just can’t wait to play more tournaments. The RMR is just next week, so all the focus is on that, we have to take it step by step and we’re not getting too ahead of ourselves. I think we all know what the goal is in this team, and we are ready to take it on.