IEM Dallas 2022 kicks off on May 30th, with the most interesting clashes of top teams. The first one to glance at is MOUZ vs ENCE. We've covered roster updates and betting tips here.

MOUZ were not in the participants list of Antwerp Major 2022, so they used their time to get ready for Intel Extreme Masters Dallas. They qualified for this event by defeating Movistar Riders, CPHF, BIG and ECK. MOUZ seem to have replenished their energy, which cannot be said for ENCE, who are just back from CS:GO Major. MOUZ registered the following roster for today:

  • dexter;
  • frozen;
  • JDC;
  • Bymas;
  • torzsi.

ENCE is here thanks to the invitation from partner β€” ESL. But even if they were not in the invites list, they could probably earn the spot in a regular way, since they have finished their major run within the top-4. They looked good enough in team play throughout the whole Antwerp stages, but unfortunately lost to a bigger team, NAVI. Team's biggest firepower in the face of Spinx won't be able to attend the event, so the roster approached Polish CS:GO legend Snax who agreed to become the stand-in. ENCE's lineup is:

  • Snappi;
  • hades;
  • dycha;
  • Maden;
  • Snax.

MOUZ vs ENCE betting tips

Opening matches of the tournament are in best-of-1 format, so we can expect anything. But experts think that MOUZ have better chances as they are well relaxed and had a lot of time to prepare. The odds for team victories are:

  • MOUZ win β€” 1.86;
  • ENCE win β€” 1.93;