Another match for today for IEM Dallas Europe Closed Qualifier is CPHF against MOUZ. Team forms and winning odds are here to be explored.

MOUZ had mixed results in the last 6 matches. Equal number of wins and losses on the list, which means that they are strong against weaker opponents but can't do much to stop teams like FaZe, Vitality and BIG. The first two have successfully stopped MOUZ from qualifying for the major, and now the team might miss on IEM Dallas as well. MOUZ will compete with this lineup: 

  • dexter;
  • frozen;
  • JDC;
  • Bymas;
  • torzsi.

Copenhagen Flames are on a similar run. 3 wins against Apeks, EC Kyiv and NIP, and 2 losses to ENCE and Entropiq. Even though the results are not that impressive, CPHF tend to show more solid game and will at least play in the major. Their lineup is: 

  • HooXi;
  • roeJ;
  • jabbi;
  • nicoodoz;
  • Zyphon.

CPHF vs MOUZ winning odds

Analysts believe in the success of CPHF more than that of MOUZ, but the difference is barely noticable. This smallest gap can be explained with the recent team performances. MOUZ easily lose their fighting spirit — something they need to avoid if the team wants to qualify for IEM Dallas 2022 main stage. The odds for the match are: 

  • CPHF Win — 1.84;
  • MOUZ Win — 1.98; 
  • Map Total > 2.5 — 1.96;
  • Map Total < 2.5 — 1.76.