Another match for today within BLAST Premier Spring Showdown tournament features NIP and Bad News Eagles. Pre-match stats and betting tips are here to glance at.

NIP have lost only 1 game in the last 5 matches. They fell to Copenhagen Flames but were able to bounce back quickly and close down Sinners and ENCE in the next 2 encounters to qualify for the major within the legends group. NIP's roster for BLAST Spring Showdown is:

  • REZ;
  • hampus;
  • es3tag;
  • Plopski;
  • Brollan.

BNE appeared in the RMR with promising results. However, they trailed against big opponents, and NIP were one of them. BNE's roster for today is:

  • sinnopsyy;
  • juanflatroo;
  • rigoN;
  • SENER1;
  • gxx-.

NIP vs BNE betting tips

Bookmakers give their priority to NIP, when the talk is about the potential winner. They have managed to beat BNE once, and it won't be hard to keep the same focus another time. The odds for the match are the following:Β 

  • NIP win β€” Β 1.2;
  • BNE win β€” 4.49;
  • Map Total β€” 2.32;
  • Map Total β€” 1.55β€€