With the first match in BLAST Premier World Final, NAVI started Andriy "npl" Kukharski instead of Victor "sdy" Orudzhev. This was in plans since the previous BLAST Premier Fall Finals. The coach wanted to figure out the capability of the academy player, trying to see where he can be the most comfortable and useful and at the same time.

Turns out, he wasn't suitable for the entry fragging role in the match against Vitality. He only had 0.80 rating with 17 kills and 24 deaths. This was even worse than any other Vitality player on the map. However, electroNic's results were even scarier: he had just 0.70 rating, with -21 K/D difference.

Later on, however, NAVI managed to take down their rivals from Heroic to advance further into the event. More detail can be found on the tournament page.

NAVIs 6th player gets a nightmare debutSource: HLTV.org