European RMR for PGL Antwerp Major resumes with the first pair competing on April 18 being forZe and OG. Match predictions and roster updates are available down below.ย 

OG are on a decent run for now. They had 4 wins and 2 losses prior to this match, but got only 50% winrate for the current competition. They've won over MOUZ, but slipped against NAVI. Now, they're surely looking to increase their chances of qualifying for the major by beating an aruably weaker side. OG line-up in the following list:

  • valde;
  • niko;
  • nexa;
  • mantuu;
  • flameZ.

ForZe show similar result when it comes to recent stats. 3 wins out of possible 6 lately, and 1 win out of 2 in this particular RMR. However, they are used to win against weaker teams only. Even GamerLegion roster was just a few rounds away from stealing a map against the Russian side. ForZe compete with these names registered:

  • Jerry;
  • KENSI;
  • zorte;
  • Norwi;
  • shalfey.

OG vs forZe predictions

RMR games on this stage take place in best-of-1 series, so experts believe OG will simply close down forZe in a quick way. The odds for the match are:ย 

  • OG win โ€” 1.36;
  • forZe win โ€” 3.12.