In one of his latest streams Owen "Smooya" Butterfield revealed his plans on the future of his career. Smooya said that he has learnt that he won't be able to make 30 000 Euros a month working as an esports athlete. He wouldn't do this because there is no way to make more in 2022 and beyond, also hinting at his age and the overall demands of the pro scene. He said that teams wouldn't pay him more because of brand risks. 

On the other hand he mentioned that he would stay in the role of a CS:GO player for several seasons if he was being paid 15 000 or 10 000 Euros. He also plans to buy a new house in the future for his kids, and as of now it seems that he'd have to offer his Dreamhack Cup to sell in order to reach this goal. “That would simply make people laugh at me”, says Smooya.

But the most interesting part is when he accidentally leaked how much his ex-teammate Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson would earn at Fnatic. Smooya said that Fnatic used to pay one of his players 40 thousand euros a month. The industry followers conclude that this could be KRIMZ,  one of the veterans of the game who has been shining in Fnatic since 2015. On the other hand his current rating by HLTV is just 1 .07.