Andrey "Jerry" Mekhryakov , the IGL for CS:GO team ForZe, had a couple of important updates on the new team of ex-NAVI IGL Kirill “Boombl4” Mikailov. 

It turns out that Jerry and Boombl4 were planning to play together, but the distribution of roles hadn’t been made. The lineup was in the interests of CIS BetBoom Team, which later decided not to pick the coach and continued with their own suggestion.

Terry says that it is truly confirmed - Kiril will play for BBT, along with another NAVI academy player, Evgeniy "Aunkere" Karyat.

The information is truthful. It didn't happen because the roster had role issues that weren't discussed. BetBoom Team should decide on negotiations and transfer buyouts for this lineup to assemble. But the organization opted to pick OverDrive or hooch, while we had our own coach who would work with us.

We couldn't come to an agreement with the people I wanted to invite.

The whole idea fell apart like a house of cards, and I foresaw it from the very beginning. Yeah, it worked on paper. Would it be like Aunkere described on stream? Most probably, the lineup would be different.

Currently, Boobml4 will play in BetBoom Team.

Boombl4 had left NAVI on May 28th. The org’s decision to put him to inactivity was due to the high risk of reputation decrease of the club.

Boombl4 hasn’t asked to change his flag in Liquipedia to a neutral one, being a Russian player, unlike NAVI’s current members.